About Us

Focuses on the Discovery of Novel Targets and

Development of Antibodies or Their Analogs

Company Overview

TG ImmunoPharma (TGI) is a fast growing biotech company established in Oct 2020 at Hefei, China. Our team focuses on the discovery of novel targets and development of antibodies or their analogs including BsAb, TsAb and Immunocytokine to harness the body's immune system such as NK cells and other innate killer cells in the frontline against tumor. Based on the research of NK cell receptors and their ligands on tumor, and preclinical therapeutic study by our investigators for more than 20 years, TGI is dedicated to become an international leading company aiming at restoring or renormalizing immunity against tumor based on our comprehensive knowledge of NK/ILC cells and frontier technology.


With our proprietary ABC-NKer® platform (Antigen-targeting, checkpoint Blockade, Cytokine stimulator, NK cell engager), TGI has developed a series of mAb or their analog products to address the unmet clinical needs of patients with cancer.

Our R&D team is consist of multiple-discipline expertise including structure immunologists, protein chemists and synthetic biologists. Altogether leads to the creation and development of novel mAbs and their analogs with super-, bi/multiple- and translational significant functions.


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