Antigen targeting-checkpoint Blockade-Cytokine stimulator-NK

cell engager Platform (ABC-NKer® Platform or 3NKer® Platform)

ABC-NKer® Platform
A comprehensive leading technology platform

TG ImmunoPharma ABC-NKer® platform is consist of four pioneer platforms to empower or rebuild NK cells to combat tumor by protein drugs reasonably designed on anti-tumor immunity. Antigen-targeting platform generates clinically usable mAb against antigen on tumor cells; checkpoint blockade platform generates “first-in-class” mAb against the novel druggable “immune checkpoint” based on our deep understanding of NK cell receptor repertoire; cytokine stimulator platform engineers NK cell-stimulating cytokine into mAb to create a bi/tri/multiple functional protein; NK cell-engager platform uses our TGbody® framework inserted with high affinity Fc and/or NKR-binding Ab fragment  to recruit NK cells into tumor site. Therefore, TG ImmunoPharma ABC-NKer® Platform permits practical integration and enhancement of each highly differentiated molecule and their formats on NK cells, and stably retains their good manufacturability and druggability, which greatly accelerates innovation and increases the success rate through technologies acquired for each molecular configuration.





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