Antigen targeting-checkpoint Blockade-Cytokine stimulator-NK

cell engager Platform (ABC-NKer® Platform or 3NKer® Platform)

Target Discovery
NK cell receptors/ligands as therapeutic targets

Our innovative discovery is carried out by a group of experienced immunologists with both broaden academic vision and deep drug R&D exploration. We are focusing on cutting-edge study of NK cell or innate killer cell, a somatically inherited life-long player in the elimination of tumor, virus, and ageing or abnormal cells. Our expertise have identified several innovative molecules important for NK cell function (proof of concept), created a set of antibodies or their formats to rebuilt NK cell function (proof of structure), and generated a panel of novel and highly potential protein drugs (first-in-class), that form a process of Concept-Structure-Class. TG ImmunoPharma overcomes the major obstacles currently being faced in the immunotherapy to meet the demand by patients who do not efficiently respond to current treatments.


NK cell receptors/ligands are promising targets. Our world-class expertise realize that via their membrane receptors, NK cells may sense the membrane ligands of target cells including tumor-, virus-infected cells or even ageing cells, and also the soluble cytokines, chemokines, or small metabolic molecules released from diseases-related cells. We have screened and discovered an array of NK cell receptors and their ligands (both activating and inhibitory receptors) via high-throughput multi-omics, multi-flow cytometry, precise functional identification at cellular and animal (humanized) levels. Our discovery strategy and technical platform highly improve screening efficiency and probability of finding potential druggable molecules.




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