Company Overview
TG ImmunoPharma (TGI)  is a biotech company focusing on the discovery of novel targets and development of antibodies or their analogs such as BsAb (or TsAb) and immunocytokine to harness the body's immune system in the frontline against tumor, viral infection and other diseases.
Company Overview
Our Journey

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  • TG ImmunoPharma (TGI) works on an innovative immunotherapeutic approach against cancer.
  • This treatment model aims at restoring or renormalizing the defense, surveillance and homeostasis of immune system. Evidences have demonstrated that immunotherapy could lead to durable efficacy or even complete cure in some patients who have failed all available conventional therapies.
  • Top Scientific Team and Technology Platform
  • Global Leading Team in the Research of NK Cell/ILCs and Tumor Immunology
  • Deep Understanding of NK Cell Recognition and Their Receptors/Ligands
  • Cutting-edge Technology Platform named ABC-NKer®

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