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TG ImmunoPharma Listed in the Second Batch of 2022 National Science and Technology-based SMEs Database of Anhui Province

Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province recently announced the list of the second batch of National Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in 2022 in which TG ImmunoPharma, as an invisible unicorn company in the field of tumor immunotherapy, was listed in the database.



Science and technology-based SMEs refer to the middle and small-sized enterprises who achieve sustainable development by transforming their own intellectual properties achieved through scientific and technological research and developments made by a certain number of scientific and technological personnel into high-tech products or services. The database listing evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation made in accordance with the requirements of “Evaluation Methods for Science and Technology-based SMEs” jointly issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Taxation Administration and other requirement regard to scientific and technological personnel, R&D investment, scientific and technological achievements as well as proportion of R&D expenses of the company and other metrics.


As an important source of scientific and technological innovations, such SMEs play a vital role in strengthening the dominant role of enterprise innovation. The listing of TG ImmunoPharma in the database of Science and Technology SMEs marks a solid step towards a technology innovative enterprise. The company will leverage this recognition as an opportunity to accelerate its independent innovation, continue to increase R&D investment, cultivate a team of hi-tech personnel and build a more complete technological innovation system to promote the development and transformation of immune targeted drugs continuously.


Founded in 2020, TG ImmunoPharma is a Hefei-based hi-tech company focusing on developing original innovative immune drugs. As one of the leaders in NK cell research globally, the company's R&D team has discovered and validated multiple NK cell-based immune checkpoints earlier internationally. The team has made a distinctive edge in NK cells-targeting immunotherapies and product development as its research results have captured a leading position globally. TG ImmunoPharma has planned multiple technologies and products covering tumor-targeted antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, bi/multifunctional antibody analogues, and immune modulators. So far, TG ImmunoPharma has applied for 11 patents for invention. The preliminary development of many products have been completed and they are about to embark the accelerated registration and marketing phases. In addition, the company boasts a nearly 8,000-square-meter R&D base that houses laboratory animals and exclusive experimental technologies including GMP-compliant recombinant protein preparation as well as NK cell detection and analysis.



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