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TG ImmunoPharma Raises Hundreds of Mns of CNY in Pre-Series A Financing Round

TG ImmunoPharma, specializing in NK (Natural Killer) cell-based checkpoint immunotherapy drugs, is uncovering the linchpin of the next-generation method of treating cancer with the fresh funding.

TG ImmunoPharma announced its completion of pre-Series A financing round valued at hundreds of millions of CNY recently. This round was led by Casstar and Innoval Capital. Other investors including Hefei Industry Investment Capital , Efung Capital, Tiantu Capital and Guoyuan Innovating Investment also participated in this deal. The funding will be used to accelerate the development and registration of multiple product pipelines. 



TG ImmunoPharma, founded in 2020, is a high-tech biotech company dedicated to developing first-in-class novel immunotherapy drugs including tumor-targeted antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, bi/multifunctional antibody analogues, and immune modulators. The company is at the forefront of global research on NK cell-based targeted immunotherapy. So far, TG ImmunoPharma has applied for 11 patents for invention. The preliminary development of many products have been completed and they are about to embark the accelerated registration and marketing phases. In addition, the company boasts a nearly 8,000-square-meter R&D base that houses laboratory animals and exclusive experimental technologies including GMP-compliant recombinant protein preparation as well as NK cell detection and analysis.



Based on investing in the “key & core technology”, focusing on upstream R&D and production-oriented companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry chains. So far, it has invested in more than 30 companies in the preliminary stage, including KOKA Lifesciences, Pulse Medical Technology, Singular Medical, Vivolight, Thistory Bio-Medical, Innorna Biotechnology and Zephyrm Biotech. Casstar has also made active exploration in the transformation of scientific research achievements in the institutions of higher education. Among the invested companies, more than 10 of them were incubated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Westlake University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, etc.


Innoval Capital

Founded in January 2018, Innoval Capital is a market-oriented equity investment fund management company affiliated to Anhui Provincial Investment Group Holding Co., Ltd. Centering on key industries such as grand healthcare, TMT, intelligent equipment and new materials, Innoval Capital builds a fund cluster system covering the whole life cycle from angel investment, VC, PE, to M&A. Up to now, there are 21 funds under its management with a fund size of more than 8.7 billion yuan. It has invested in the field of grand healthcare in companies including Bloomage Biotech, Yifan Pharmaceutical, Hospital Corporation of China Limited, Tarapeutics, Accenda Tech, Lian Chuang Biomedicine, Heryi Pharmaceutical, Breath Medical, Innomed, and Happiness Works Medical.


Hefei Industry Investment Capital
Hefei Industry Investment Capital under Hefei Industry Investment Group focuses on the strategic layout of the city's leading industries, with emphasis on integrated circuits, panel displays, new energy vehicles and biomedicine. It currently houses 22 industry investment capital management funds, and the scale of self-managed funds exceeds 10 billion yuan, with a cumulative support of 220 projects and an investment volume of 21.993 billion yuan. In terms of the biomedical field, it has invested in Haisen Pharma (acquired by Takeda), Hefei Breath Medical, Hina Digital Technology, Knature Pharmaceutical, Jingze Pharma, Ray Solution, Elite Pharma Technology and Starry Gene, thereby injecting capital momentum for the development of enterprises in the biomedical industry in our city.


Efung Capital
As one of the earliest biopharmaceutical investment institutions in China with a focus on global biopharmaceutical VC/PE investment, Efung Capital has deeply scrutinized and invested in outstanding domestic and international companies, such as Chipscreen, Frontier Biotechnologies, Ascentage Pharma, Lifotronic, Harbour BioMed, Obio Technology, Asieris Pharmaceuticals, 3D Medicines, Apexigen and Centrexion. With its outstanding investment performance and excellent investment & research strength, Efung Capital has been listed as one of the Top Annual 30 Investment Institutions in China's Healthcare Sector by Zero2IPO and the Top 10 Best Exit Cases in CVAwards. It has been also interviewed by Nature, an authoritative science journal in the world.


Tiantu Capital

As one of the earliest professional institutions engaged in equity investment in China, Tiantu Capital follows a path of in-depth research and specialization, with offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong and a professional investment team. Its investment cases include Distinct HealthCare, Phoenix Healthcare Group, Zdeer, Zhiling Biomedical, crystalO Biopharma, Evergreen Therapeutics, Leman Biotech, China Feihe, Nayuki, Pagoda, Xiaohongshu, Fun Factory, Jiangxiaobai Liquor, ATRenew and Xbiome.


Guoyuan Innovating Investment

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guoyuan Securities, Guoyuan Innovating Investment has a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan, mainly focusing on project and equity investment. By upholding the corporate spirit of “working hard with down-to-earth attitude and a sense of responsibility”, the company creates a sound business environment with the business philosophy of honesty and mutual-benefit. It attaches great importance to new management modes, refined technology, thoughtful service and excellent quality as its foundation for survival, with its investment in such listed companies as Zeho Eco, QuantumCTek, Jee Technology, Kewell, Ronds, Gocom, Yuanchen Envirn and Tongyuan Environment.


Xingtai Huiyuan Fund

Hefei Xingtai-Huiyuan Leasing Industry Private Fund, a limited partnership with registered capital of RMB 200 million, was established by Guoyuan Equity Investment Co., Ltd. and Hefei Xingtai Financial Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. The fund is currently managed by Guoyuan Equity, and mainly invests in emerging industries of strategic importance, including new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, healthcare, biomedicine, etc.

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