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TG ImmunoPharma was awarded as one of the 2021 China's Top 500 Hidden Unicorns in China

On November 26, 2021, the 2nd session of China's Top 500 Hidden Unicorn Conference (2021) co-sponsored by the People's  Government of Hefei Municipality and China Private Enterprise Research Center, Renmin University of China was grandly held in Hefei. The conference was hosted by Hefei Investment Promotion Bureau, Hefei Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee and Beijing Hidden Unicorn Information Technology Institute, guided by Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Financial Services Federation, and supported by Hua'an Securities and Guoyuan Securities. During the conference, the Report on 2021 China's  Top 500 Hidden Unicorns was co-released by China Private Enterprise Research Center, Renmin University of China and Beijing Hidden Unicorn Information Technology Institute.


It was indicated in the report that enterprises, especially those unicorns, as the main force driving technological innovation, are effective carriers to promote the connection of technological innovation and industrial innovation. While the hidden unicorns, the group with core cutting-edge technologies and market value, are the important force for the digital transformation of society in the future and a significant boost for the rise of urban economy. 


With the theme of “the Way to be a Unicorn”, the conference aimed to build a high-end dialog and exchange platform among enterprises, capital and governments by focusing on such topics as digital economy, industrial development, technological innovation, business models, scenario applications, investment funds, facilitating hidden unicorns to be promoted to unicorns as soon as possible. 

Luo Yunfeng, the mayor of Hefei, pointed out in his speech that hidden unicorns are the cutting-edge force of technological innovation enterprises and the enterprise group with the most growth potential.


It is reported that in the Report on 2021 China's Top 500 Hidden Unicorns, the China's Top 500 Hidden Unicorns were selected by using the Human Machine Intelligence on the basis of the database and the evaluation criteria for China's Top 500 Hidden Unicorns. By comprehensively expounding the latest development of China's Top 500 hidden unicorns, the report puts forwards a growth model for unicorns, analyzes the basic pattern and development trend of China's  top 500 hidden unicorns and forecasts their future development.




At 09:50 am, the conference held a certificate presentation ceremony for the shortlisted companies in China's  Top 500 Hidden Unicorns. TG ImmunoPharma, as a highly potential technological innovation enterprise, was on the list with its original technology. 

TG ImmunoPharma R&D team has formed distinctive advantages in NK cell-targeted immunotherapy technology and product development, reaching a cutting-edge level on a global scale, including four series of technologies and products: (1) tumor-targeted antibodies; (2) immune checkpoint inhibitors; (3) bi/multifunctional antibody analogues, (4) immunomodulators.



Looking ahead, TG ImmunoPharma will leverage its advantage in NK cell-based technology, develop novel immunotherapies and drugs as its core business and adopt the business models of technology transfer/licensing/co-development, in an effort to take the lead in innovation in the pharmaceutical industry chain and thus serve as an impetus to fuel the industrial growth of the region and China as a whole.

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