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TG ImmunoPharma Chairman Zhigang Tian elected member of Academia Europaea

The turn of spring and summer has brought us a string of good tidings and great joy. Mr. Zhigang Tian, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor of the University of Science and Technology of China and chairman of Hefei TG ImmunoPharma, was elected to the Academia Europaea 2022 (clinical & veterinary science) for his outstanding contribution to international clinical translational medicine.


Zhigang Tian
MD & PhD

Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering 
 Member of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe).
Professor of University of Science & Technology of China (USTC)


The list of newly elected members of the Academia Europaea 2022 is published on its official website ( The Academia includes members mainly from European countries, representing the highest scientific level and academic status in the humanities and natural sciences in Europe. The Academia has approximately 5,500 members, including 90 Nobel Laureates, many of whom were awarded the Nobel Prize only after being elected to the Academia.

As the chairman of TG ImmunoPharma, Mr. Zhigang Tian has been leading the R&D team to delve into the development of innovative immune drugs, forming a distinctive edge in NK cells-targeting immunotherapies and product development and reaching a cutting-edge level on a global scale. In addition, the company boasts a nearly 6,000-square-meter research and development base that houses laboratory animals and exclusive experimental technologies including GMP recombinant protein preparation as well as NK cell detection and analysis.

The leadership of academician Zhigang Tian has spearheaded TG ImmunoPharma to embrace a period of astonishing growth, with its Pre-A round of financing completed in April 2022.

Looking ahead, TG ImmunoPharma will leverage its advantage in NK cell technology, develop original immunotherapies and drugs as its core business and adopt the business models of technology transfer/licensing/co-development, in an effort to take the lead in innovation in the pharmaceutical industry chain and thus serve as an impetus to fuel the industrial growth of the region and China as a whole.


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